Overview: Safety Officer

Primary Role
The primary role of a Safety Officer is to ensure the safety of the public.

Secondary Role
To ensure the safety of the stall-holders / vendors by ensuring they and their equipment are up to acceptable standard.

Tertiary Role
By ensuring the safety of everybody else, the event management team is generally safe from litigation.

In brief
Anywhere there are members of the public attending in numbers, a PSO is a great asset to have on the ground.

Event Insurance
There are many times now where insurance companies request a PSO as a condition of the event insurance policy. It generally makes it easier to obtain insurance for an event even if it is not mentioned as a requirement in the conditions.

Overview: Auditor Work Health and Safety Systems

Primary Role
Identify any discrepancies between Policies and Procedures and current activities.

Secondary Role
Identify areas of opportunity that may enhance performance and compliance with Policies and Procedures.

In Brief
Are your policies and procedures being complied with?

Main Services


Event Safety

We will work with you to ensure your event safety planning complies with all regulations under the relevant State and Australian building regulations giving you peace of mind and making it easier to obtain event insurance.



The determination of quantitative or qualitative estimate of risk related to a concrete situation and a recognized hazard.
Quantitative risk assessment requires calculations of two components of risk: the magnitude of the potential loss & the probability that the loss will occur.


Management Plans

Taking into account such factors as:
- What is an emergency?
- Who does what in the event of an emergency?
- Who do they contact?
- Where do they go?
- To whom do they report?
- An emergency management plan may be required to document the emergency arrangements for an event & detail preparedness, prevention & response activities.
- Australia Standard 3745-2010 includes emergency roles, responsibilities, strategies, systems & arrangements which must be included in the emergency management plan.


Event Safety

We will attend your event & constantly monitor all safety aspects including fire & power risks, slip, trip & fall risks, traffic management issues, suitability of rest rooms etc. & reporting them immediately relieving you of the worry & lowering the risk of litigation.


You took the time to populate
your policies and procedures.

  • - Are they being complied with?
  • - If not, why not?
  • - Where is/are the issue/s?
  • - What is happening?
  • - Are there areas of opportunity?

Australian Standards are designed to ensure that companies are placed in the best possible position to assist in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for stakeholders and visitors alike.